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Security Updates:

As with all websites, vulnerabilities can occur.
You can help with this by ensuring you have a plan in place.

Having a website is like owning a house or a car. There will always be something to do to maintain it.
We can help with this.

  • Website Maintenance and Management
  • Software security updates
  • Site backups
  • Content Writing and Development
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation
  • New ideas and developments
  • Usage feedback


If you don’t have the time will or inclination to keep your website AND your social media accounts updated then let us help:

  • Content, news and information updates
  • Managed website hosting ensuring everything is running as it should
  • Website backups
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Keeping your Twitter account updated and sending out promotional need to keep people engaged in you your site.
  • Ensuring Google Analytics is being used as it should to ensure traffic is being directed as it should.
  • Keeping your Facebook account linked to your website effectively.

And anything else you might need in the day to day running of your website.

Do I need website maintenance?

A well maintained website is like a well maintained car. The more you look after it the better it will serve you.This can be  done in many ways.
You want to ensure that your target market is being served There are many elements to making this happen but one of the most important is ensuring its kept up to date, and not just from the technology its built with.

Its so important to keep your content current and up to date. You wouldn’t want a visitor to think you aren’t trading because your news is out of date.

As an example….If your latest news posting is from a year ago people may think you’ve not been keeping up with the latest developments in your business area and the search engines, such as Google, will almost certainly rank your competitors website higher if their news is more recent than yours.

We know it takes time to publish updates to your website, you may only access it once or twice a year and its often a pain trying to find the username and password your website developer emailed you, and thats where we can help. Send us your update by email and we’ll do it for you adding images, video and content as you need. But thats not all, we can include managed web hosting, backup for you,

What does it cost?

We have two options:

  • Ad-hoc / Pay As You Go website support
    This works well for many of our customers giving you the option to pay an hourly rate of £39.99 for any required system updates, content changes, search engine optimisation or any other type of changes/fixes required on your website as and when you need. See if we have any current promotions to take use of discounts to this service.


  • Monthly website maintenance packages
    If you prefer us to be more hands on, Then This option provides website hosting, weekly website backups and two hours per month for updates, fixes or any type of content changes, then this is a great way of having us to hand when you need us rather than having to wait and book time in.A monthly plan is more cost effective if you have frequent updates and means we will update your website without requests from you, ensuring systems are kept up to date, along with any plugins or extensions. Remember vulnerabilities can come in all shapes and discusses

Benefits of a monthly maintenance package

  • Priority on requests and our time as we can plan around you, whereas we may have other projects planned in. If you need us to factor your updates as a priority we can ensure we put aside resources to do so.
  • Ensuring your hosting is managed effectively
  • Backups stored safely and away from the server.
  • Always be CURRENT New features and functions added as and when they are needed.
  • We will be proactive and we can inform you if things are getting a little outdated and help with updating content with your input
  • Advice on improvements to your site as we keep abreast of the latest innovations