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What we do when we embark on a web project for you is start the process of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing has a lot of activities, with the majority of them based around the internet.

By creating an online identity with your brand it will increase your image and awareness whilst also helping you reach a wider target audience for the services or products you sell.

Whether its letterheads, business cards, compliment slips or flyers things these contribute to your digital marketing portfolio


All of our sites have inbuilt Search Engine Optimisation elements to help you stand out.

The part of Google [usually a the top or right hand side of search results} that helps you get noticed even more

Keywords, the very things that help your site are based around cleverly ensuring your site has content which can trigger results in the search engines.

Facebook, Twitter, GOOGLE+ and much more reaching out to your client base these days is an essential part and we can integrate this work into your site, so people can like, tweet or +1 until their heart is content


Structure is important and ensuring you have an index of your pages helps the search engines know that you know this

404 Custom pages

If something does go wrong or is just simply missing, a 404 page ensures that you keep a customer on your site

Content is indeed king and we can work with you to ensure that your sites content is kept fresh and relevant

Ties everything together, with an ANALYTICS account you can see how many people visit your site, ensure that that the site is online properly as well


Tells the search engines which of your files are important and what they should be crawling over!


Making sure your site has the proper headings and to sort out the hierachy of your information is essential.


The more people click the link to your site, the more traffic you will get to it


Regular updates are essential to keep your site fresh, but also to show the search engines that the site is relevant and operational