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Once your website is built the next step is planning on how to keep it updated and secure. We have a variety of services that will keep you online, secure and up to date. Can you afford to risk losing your site, posts, news or information? We can help keep you online with our backup services.

A backup service is essential to restore your site to a previous version in the event of a failure or error. This option is much cheaper than repair or rebuilding a site.



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One-off Backup of your site and database (available anytime on request)

1 off back up of your website  £25.00


Recurring Monthly Backup Service for 12 months, 1 back up a month for 12 months.

 12 Backups made Monthly  £189.00 


Recurring Weekly Backup Service for 52 backups, Once every week.

52 Backups made Weekly



Check our blog to see when core updates have occurred.

Keeping your files up to date and the database up to the latest version is incredibly important – and may also stop you getting hacked
Our Maintanance Services include:

  • Core Website Update
  • Template Updated To the Latest Versions
  • Plug-ins Updated to the latest Versions
  • A report and check on how your Search Optimisation is working and currently performing.
  • Clearing the cache and server of any redundant files
  • Optimising load times of your site, for effeciency purposes
Maintenance Update Plans Description Add to Basket

Maintenance Update – One Off


Maintenance Update Plan- Monthly 

The maintenance and updates as listed in the box above will be checked, implemented and updated as necessary on a monthly basis


Maintenance Update Plan – Weekly 

The maintenance and updates as listed in the box above will be checked and updated as necessary on a weekly basis


Additional Services are available here